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Those undertaking this course are expected to learn how to: Use, care & maintenance of tools. Reading of the Rule. Planning of a piece of timber square to a given width & thickness out of winding. Recognition of timber in common use . Ability to differentiate between good and defective timber. Construction of the following joints, Halving, Scarf, Mortise & Tenon, Dovetail Joints Use of cramps & vices. Driving of up to 2 in x no 10 screws when joining timber. Use of different types of nails, pins and screws. Preparation & proper use of glue. Use of abrasive paper on sanding block. Fixing of simple hardware. Interpretation of a simple sketch. Making & use of a miter box. Use of synthetic glues. Construction of Drawer dovetail, Double dowel joint, Hunched mortise & tenon joints, Flush /butt in 2 pieces of 6 x 6 ft timber. Interpretation of Elementary sketches. Normal hardware used in the trade a,d its fixing. Matching of grain & color. Working to scale drawing. Making dimensional sketches, setting out. Making of a template, circular or otherwise & cutting out. Preparation of full size staff rods, ability to set out from such rods. Construction of joints in plain & circular work. Preparation of cutting lists. Ability to use & maintain in serviceable condition light wood working machinery, among other skills available in the course.​



Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute will be cerebrating its 37th graduation day on 27th Nov. 2021.