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Those will will undertake this course are expected to learn:​Planning of solar electric scheme. Designation of Scheme. Solar system trouble shooting. Safety measures. Magnetism. Electro magnetism. Electrical principles. Magnetism Circuits. A.C Machines. Coils. Wiring. D.C Machines. Power Factor. Circuit & wiring Diagram. Introduction to Transformers. Measuring instruments. Lamp & lamp circuit. Electrical Circuit. Generating of electricity.Transmission. Distribution. Protection. Testing & Inspection. Planning Sub Circuit. Sources of radiation. Among other skills available in this course.​



Welcome to Don Bosco Boys Town, Our 2021 intake is ongoing, kindly apply online or visit our office during working hours and days. Monday - Friday: 8 AM -5 PM. Polite notice! the following departments are not admitting applications: Motor Vehicle mechanics, Electrical installation, Masonry & Plumbing.