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Mansonry And Plambing

Those who take this course will be expected to learn how to:​Wall construction. Floors Construction. Scaffolds and ladders. Finishes for block walls. Concreting. Masonry. Foundations. Drainage Construction. Types of Arches. Materials Layouts. Setting out the first course of wall. Setting out openings. Classification of the wall. Functional requirements of the wall. Functional Requirements of floors. Floor finishes. Procedures for assembling. Purpose of a wall finish. Plastering & rendering. Tyrelean. Wall tiling. Pointing & jointing. Paving & carbs, sills. Mixing & transporting concrete. Placing & compacting. Curing concrete. Methods of curing. Types of reinforcements. Formwork & moulds. Finishes applied to concrete. Bonds & bonding for stonework. Walling techniques. Finishing to Masonry Joints. Principles of drainage. System of drainage. Laying & jointing. Inspection chambers. Septic tank & soak away. Connection to drainage to sewer. Testing of drains; hydrolic test, smock test & air test. Functional Requirements of foundation. Types of Foundation. Rural building construction. Location plan. Working drawings. Special bonds. Door frames. Windows frames. Working scaffold. Reinforces concrete lintels. Roofs in general among other skills available in this course.



Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute will be cerebrating its 37th graduation day on 27th Nov. 2021.