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Motor Vehicle Mechanic and Auto Electrical

Those who take this course are expected to learn:

Panel beater:

Use, care & maintenance of the tools. Reading of the rule. The beating of a damaged surface in flat & its subsequent filling with plaster or solder. Working with different sheet metals used in bodybuilding. Types of soldering brass, tin, galvanized iron, zinc among others. Operation of gas welding equipment and blowlamp. welding ferrous & nonferrous metals. Shaping & beating out simple curved panels, filling & finishing. Accurate shaping of various parts of the bodywork of a vehicle. Stretching & shrinking of any sheet metal used in the bodywork of a vehicle. Cutting of mild steel plate with welding equipment. Welding fabricated work from a given drawing. Safe and efficient operation of gas welding equipment. Use of jacks, saddles, & pads in body repairing. Major dents. Minor dents. LPG Gas torch. Disposal Cartridge type.Paraffin blowlamp. Tools application to specific dents. Arc gas welding. contraction & expansion of the body due to gas welding. Meaning of the following processes; stoppers, filler, caulting,  body files & plates, sanding rules & regulation application, abrasives their grades & properties. Job planning - a sequence of operations before panel beating. Handling of windscreen, Storage, measuring & cutting. Glazing rubber glaze, putty/glazing compound Spray painting vehicles. Types of batteries. Thermo devices/ capacitors.Electronic ignition. Types of starter motor. Parking. Alignment/auxiliary lights. Wipers & screen washers. Central door locking. Radio interference. Electronic controls. horns. Starting circuits. Magneto among other skills available in this course.




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